Distributed by Sony RED

Edgewater Music Group is a three-in-one company designed to meet the demanding needs of 21st century recording artists. Edgewater’s purpose is to advance your career in a variety of ways.

First, Edgewater Music Group is a Sony RED-distributed record label dedicated to seeing quality records translate into financial success for the artist. Imagine having the power of a major record label combined with the individual attention of a boutique firm with dedicated team members operating in Texas, Nashville, and New York, all while maintaining the creative control and profit margins of a completely independent artist. That’s what Edgewater Music Group can offer to artists who qualify for our program.

Of course, it all starts with “radio ready” master recordings for distribution. Maybe you’ve already recorded something that fits the bill and just need to submit that work to Edgewater for consideration. Or, perhaps you have the songs, the talent, and the drive, but haven’t yet made the record that will put your career over the top.

Either way, Edgewater Music Group can help. Edgewater is headed by record producer & artist manager Derek Hames and recording and mix engineer John Shelton, who will take your music to a new level. Edgewater also owns Edgewater Studios, a world-class recording facility headlined by a best-in-class analog SSL console, Pro Tools HDX, and an outstanding array of outboard gear, microphones, backline, software, and acoustics. In our studio or a studio of your choosing around the world, recording with Derek and John will provide you with the product you need to open doors and take your career to the next level.

Finally, Edgewater Music Group also provides artist management services for certain artists who request a greater, ongoing level of support. Depending on your specific need, Edgewater artist and business manager Chuck Sweeney, alongside Derek and John, will assist you with some or all of the following:

  • Consultation to organize all your business affairs
  • Specialized access to other important multimedia services offered through Edgewater to present you in your best light (video production, professional photography, web design, logo design, album artwork design, merchandise development)
  • Production of high-quality EPK (Electronic Press Kit) that can be utilized to form strategic partnerships within the music industry
  • Proper budgeting to align your project’s goals and finances
  • Fundraising support (crowdsourcing strategy, pursuit of equity investors, shopping for additional record label support) to procure the capital needed to achieve your objectives
  • Shopping to Edgewater’s network of industry partners such as booking agencies, publicists, radio promoters, sync licensing specialists, concert and tour promoters, music publishers, and third-party record labels



Record Producer, Artist Manager


Recording & Mixing Engineer


Business & Artist Manager