A music production, distribution & development firm

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Edgewater Music Group is a music production, distribution, and development firm focused on meeting the demanding needs of 21st century recording artists. We accomplish these goals by providing three primary services:


At our core, Edgewater Music Group is a boutique, high-end music production company. We specialize in the production of exceptional, radio-quality records. Our strongest work is in organic, live instrument music: Americana, Country, Roots, Southern Rock, Soul, Funk, Singer-Songwriter, Folk, Bluegrass, Blues, and Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Edgewater is headed by co-founders Derek Hames (record producer) and John Shelton (recording and mixing engineer). Derek and John own Edgewater Studios, a world-class recording facility just outside Houston featuring a Neve 5060 Centerpiece, Pro Tools HDX, and an outstanding array of outboard gear, microphones, backline, software, monitoring, and acoustics. In Edgewater Studios or a studio of your choosing around the world, recording with Derek and John will provide you with the record you need to open new doors and grow your brand as a recording artist.


Edgewater Music Group is also a full-scale music distribution firm with exclusive national distribution contracts with RED Music (a Division of Sony Music Entertainment) and Smith Music Group. Edgewater is dedicated to seeing quality records translate into financial success for the artist. Imagine having the distribution power of a major record label combined with the individual attention of a boutique firm, all available to you while you retain complete ownership of your music and career! That’s what Edgewater Music Group can provide to artists who qualify.

Our music distribution services are guaranteed only to artists who record master-level albums with us, complete with a credible plan to market that music effectively. If you’ve recorded elsewhere, you will need to submit links to your music here. We will listen and get back to you if we are interested in distributing your music through one of our distribution channels.


Edgewater Music Group provides additional support to artists and their management as they prepare to release their new record. Depending on your specific needs, the Edgewater team will assist you with some or all of the following:

Proper Budgeting
To align your project’s goals and finances
Fundraising Support
In the form of crowdfunding or preparation to approach potential equity investors you may have access to.
Specialized Access
To important multimedia services, offered through Edgewater, to present you in your best light. Services include video production, professional photography, web design, electronic press kit, digital marketing, logo design, album artwork design, merchandise development and more.
Shopping Services
To our network of high-level booking agencies, record labels, radio promoters, music publicists, concert promoters, sync licensing specialists, and more.
Quarterbacking Your Release
We can develop strategies, tactics, timelines, as well as provide oversight and coordination between team members to ensure your release maximizes its potential to grow your position in the music industry.