Edgewater Music Group offers distribution to artists who record with us and other artists who qualify. Edgewater’s distribution system is powered by exclusive contractual relationships with The Orchard and Smith Music Group.



The Orchard

The Orchard is an award-winning division of Sony Music Entertainment. Widely recognized as the domestic and international industry leader in independent music distribution and artist development, Sony/Orchard specializes in digital account management and physical sales, marketing, and product development for 70+ independent record labels and production companies (including Edgewater Music Group), as well as select artists from Sony-owned record labels. The Orchard’s marketing is unsurpassed in generating consumer awareness for artists. The Orchard has a full, standalone sales team that services both digital and physical accounts. Digitally, The Orchard can deliver and market records worldwide and will help create a customized digital release plan for Edgewater artists to maximize album sales and streaming revenues. For physical distribution (offered only on full-length albums), The Orchard is able to ship hit records to physical retailers, helping new artists develop their retail presence market by market.

Edgewater Music Group is proud to have been selected to partner with Sony/Orchard for distribution of Edgewater-produced projects as well as a carefully-curated selection of outside projects.

Physical Distribution

Edgewater’s distribution in the Sony system offers recording artists the possibility for physical distribution of their CD’s and vinyl records to a variety of large, national retailers including Walmart, Best Buy, Target, Hastings, and Amazon, as well as many important, taste-making “mom and pop” record stores, regionally-targeted or across the country, depending on the project.

Considering most independent artists’ other distribution options (like CD Baby, Tunecore, etc.) do not offer any physical distribution at all, this channel represents an important opportunity for additional revenue and market presence (just being on the shelves at stores represents a great opportunity for market awareness and brand legitimacy).

Digital Placement

Edgewater’s music distribution services also offer the artist the potential for vastly improved digital placement opportunities that are simply unavailable through aggregators like CD Baby, due to the fact that with an aggregator, nobody is advocating those artists’ music to the various digital sales platforms (DSP’s). Although Edgewater cannot guarantee prominent placement on every DSP, our sales team at Sony has both the power and the vested interest to strongly influence Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Tidal, Pandora, Google Play, and other DSP’s to boost Edgewater Music Group artists onto desired playlists and prominent sales placements.

A few of our latest Digital Placements

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National Park Radio on Starbucks Official Playlist

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The Drugstore Gypsies on Official Spotify Playlist

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Comanche Moon featured on iTunes Country

Vision Entertainment

“Any artist looking to really grow in the market should release records through a distributor like Edgewater/Sony Orchard Distribution if that is an option. First, I stress “if that is an option”, because a company like The Orchard has a team to grow into, and that provides the artist a real-world sales and marketing team (in Sony) that will not only help with placement and growth within the relevant DSP’s, but also grow the physical album sales story … I definitely recommend CD Baby and Tunecore to any artist starting out when that is your ONLY option. However, when Edgewater’s Sony Orchard Distribution is on the table, it really is a no-brainer.”

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RPR Media

“What we are all trying to do is to first build credibility for the new artist and then to build an actual music career. When trying to build a music career from scratch, credibility comes heavily into play. So, for example...accolades from radio programmers, venue owners, and music critics all help. So, even though CD Baby is a good company and has been around for a while, having Sony Distribution attached to your resumé adds a credibility that CD Baby does not. In my realm of this business, perception is reality. And when a music writer/journalist/critic sees that Sony is part of this album, that will make a much larger impression than CD Baby will.”

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