Edgewater Music Group can provide you with a variety of services designed to market you and your music to the wider industry at-large. This is all designed to open new opportunities and doors for you, the artist! Some specific services offered include:


Strategy & Budget Development

Edgewater will create a complete budget for your project. After meeting with you to discuss your specific position within the industry as well as your goals and objectives, we will utilize our experience putting out records to accurately forecast an ideal budget for your project. Budget items include both high-level views and details with regards to:

  • Record Production
  • Photography/Artwork
  • CD & Vinyl Manufacturing
  • Distribution Costs
  • Digital Marketing & Advertising
  • Publicity
  • Radio Promotion
  • Sync Licensing
  • Merch Design & Manufacturing
  • Touring

We will present the ideal budget to you, and then based on funds available for the project, we will help you triage your budget down to the most impactful steps possible given available funds.


EPK Creation

We design and host a high-quality, interactive, responsive EPK on the website. Our EPK’s include your logo, bio, photos, music, and video content (provided by you or created together in a production project), and will highlight the best features of you as an artist and all your accomplishments up to this point in your career. This design has proven extremely effective in shopping music for the various music industry team members you will need in your corner to help you grow creatively and commercially.


You need highly qualified, well-connected team members working to represent you and your music.

Based on the readiness of your project, we can present you to companies in the following fields:

  • Record Labels
  • Label Services Companies
  • Booking Agencies
  • Artist Management Firms
  • Distribution Companies
  • Publicity/PR Firms
  • Radio Promotion Firms
  • Sync Licensing Agencies

Almost any artist will benefit from representation in searching for those team members: someone who can easily brag on you and your work and advocate to the most respected industry professionals that they should consider working with you!

Edgewater Music Group has successfully shopped artists to some of the industry’s top contacts and companies, procuring artist showcases and/or executed agreements with Sony/RED, Thirty Tigers, Red 11 Music, APA Agency, CAA, Atomic Music Group, Vision Entertainment, All Eyes Media, Blue Lark Entertainment, RPR Media, M:M Music, Lance Cowan Media, and many more!


Please Note:
Edgewater will not shop just any project to any potential partner. We evaluate each project on its merits, decide whether or not to represent it based on the assets available to be shopped, and determine a target list we believe is appropriate for the project. The reason for that is simple: We value our contacts within the music industry and will only present them with projects we believe are ready for their consideration.

Release Coordination

Booking a show date in Corpus Christi might help your radio promoter convince one of the local radio stations to spin your new single. Radio support might convince a local press outlet to write a story about your band. Reading that local press can have an impact on the tastemaking, mom-and-pop record store agreeing to order a few copies of your CD or vinyl record for their store. Knowing the record store has you on its shelves might convince the venue to agree to a show date. Blasting all these things (the show date, the radio add, the press, the inclusion on store shelves) in a carefully coordinated, targeted manner on social media can help advance your profile directly to fans.

Every element of a campaign needs to “speak” to every other element. Coordinating all of that is the job of a release coordinator (also referred to as a “quarterback”).

We will make sure information is circulated from each relevant team member to each relevant team member and compile weekly highlights and action items for each part of your campaign to ensure activities coordinate in ways that promote your brand. We will also organize a monthly team call to discuss objectives and initiatives among your release team.

A La Carte Consulting

Do you just need an hour or two to bounce ideas around and get advice on next steps to further your career in the music industry?

We offer a la carte consulting on an hourly basis. Just schedule time with us and your appointment can either be hosted here in our offices or studios in the Houston area, or by phone or video chat if that’s more convenient for you!

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