Let Edgewater help you navigate the waters of crowdfunding. We have helped many artists successfully fundraise for amounts ranging from $5000 all the way to upwards of $30,000. Most of that fundraising success has been attributable to our Kickstarter program, which includes:



29 Page Interactive Guide that covers:

  • The Art of Asking
  • Authentic Purpose
  • Circle of Influence
  • Set Your Official Goal
  • Stretch Goals
  • Rewards Structure
  • Video Framework
  • Demo Production
  • B-Roll+ Music Bed
  • Official Kickstarter Video Production
  • Launch Strategy
  • Communication Mediums
  • Crafting a Personal Message
  • Example Message
  • Pre-Load
  • Media Plan
  • Launch Sequence
  • Campaign In-Progress
  • End Sequence
  • Order Fulfillment
Consultation time to discuss and dissect specifics of translating the strategy to your specific campaign

Production of Kickstarter video (here at Edgewater Studios)

Assistance building out campaign pages

Ongoing release coordination and consultation during campaign


Pricing for our Kickstarter services are as follows:


With our DIY option, you get the 29-page interactive guide to crowdfunding for bands and musicians plus an hour of consulting time. The cost on that is $299, and additional consulting time can be added a la carte for $150/hour.


MOST POPULAR - If the funds are to be placed into our escrow account, with the understanding that the bulk of those raised funds are to be utilized with us here at Edgewater for production, you receive our full-service crowdfunding support (inclusive of video production and everything listed on this page) for just $999.


Want full-service support but want raised funds placed directly into your account to be utilized however, wherever, and whenever you see fit?  We can definitely help in that capacity as well.  It just costs a bit more, as we are willing to make some pricing concessions to help artists raise the funds needed to work directly with us as a production company.  But if you JUST need comprehensive help with fundraising, we can do that at the $1499 price point.

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