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Music Production

EMG Music Production

Your record is your calling card. It’s both product and marketing. It’s the mannequin at the front of your store, but it’s also the chapters through which your story as an artist will be told.

EMG Music Production

As a comprehensive label services company, we believe one of the most crucial pieces of the puzzle for any artist looking to grow their brand is the quality level of their next record. The results we’ve achieved with artists are almost universally tied to the music we’ve produced with them in the studio.

At EMG, our team of experienced producers, engineers, and musicians are dedicated to creating top-quality music that showcases your unique sound and vision. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just getting started, our music production services will help bring your music to life.

The proof is in the pudding.

After our first session with the EMG team, we knew that we were going to have something special on our hands, and they delivered.  The attentiveness to every detail and their ability to keep the project flowing was such a huge relief.  Knowing what I know now, having a producer that can hear the art at its highest potential before it even achieves its potential, is art in itself.  Derek could hear and see our goals in the music and he did a great job showing us his vision throughout the process.  It was truly an honor to work with some of the best in the business.

Teague Brothers Band

John Teague (Vocalist/Songwriter)

It has been a pleasure working with Derek and John of EMG. We’ve worked on many projects together over the past few years, and it has been an overall enjoyable experience. If you’re looking for a great sound quality and fantastic people to work with in helping aid the creation of your art, we would definitely recommend these guys!


Megaforce Records & Gold Mountain Entertainment Artist

Derek and the EMG team did an awesome job.   I can’t even fathom the attention to detail the work they do requires.  So happy to have them on board.

Sam Carlson

True Grit Management & True Grit Talent Artist

Working with Derek and John in the studio was an awesome experience! It made for a lot of fun and memorable moments during the entire recording process.  They were attentive to every detail – the perfect people for the job.

The Drugstore Gypsies

Atomic Music Group, Rolling Stone Magazine

Working with EMG was honestly a breath of fresh air.  As a singer-songwriter, I’ve never felt heard or understood as an artist until I met Derek.  He finally helped me create my vision without hindering it in any way. John is also a tremendous talent when it comes to mixing. I have recommended the EMG team to many friends because of the amount of trust I have in their work.  These guys are the absolute best in Texas.

Madeline McDonald

Full Circle Music, Bluebird (the movie)

Derek and John were on the same page as us before we even got in the studio. Derek’s a little bit coach, arranger, and motivator, while still letting the band get where it wanted to be.  The finished mixes were exactly what we were looking for.

Grand Old Grizzly

Will Thomas (Vocalist/Songwriter, White Oak Music Hall Co-Founder)

We enjoy working with the EMG guys. John and Derek have the technical expertise to capture amazing recordings and the creative sensibilities to help artists realize their visions. If you take your project to EMG, you are going to get a great quality record.

Charlie And The Regrets

Atomic Music Group Signee


Our strongest work is in organic, live instrument-driven music: Rock ‘n Roll, Country, Americana, Roots, Southern Rock, Soul, Funk, Singer-Songwriter, Blues, Folk, and Bluegrass.

Our aim is to bring you major-label quality recordings at a fraction of the price charged for similar quality levels in Nashville, Los Angeles, and New York. Master-level recordings are still not cheap, but for the quality level we provide, we offer our services at excellent value to the artist.

And we don’t EVER take ownership of masters or publishing from the artists we work with. We want you to remain in total control of your own career!

If you don’t have the funds on-hand to be able to produce music with us, you should check out our fundraising program, which has helped countless artists raise the money it takes to produce a top-shelf record.

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