At our core, Edgewater Music Group is a boutique, high-end music production company specializing in the production of exceptional, radio-quality records. Our strongest work is in organic, live instrument music: Rock, Country, Americana, Roots, Southern Rock, Soul, Funk, Pop, Singer-Songwriter, Folk, Bluegrass, and Blues.


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Edgewater is headed by co-founders Derek Hames (record producer) and John Shelton (recording and mixing engineer). Derek and John own Edgewater Studios, a world-class recording facility just outside Houston featuring a Neve 5060 Centerpiece, Pro Tools HDX, and an outstanding array of analog outboard gear, microphones, backline, software, monitoring, and acoustics. In Edgewater Studios or a studio of your choosing around the world, recording with Derek and John will provide you with the record you need to open new doors and grow your brand as a recording artist.


We cut no corners in the pursuit of your market-ready, broadcast-quality record!

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Derek will work directly with you as an artist to ensure that we have a mutual understanding of commonsense goals for your project, select the right material, that the musical content supports singer and song, that there are no internal conflicts between instruments, and that the songs are ideally arranged for the recording process. On longer projects (EP’s and full-length albums), we normally suggest the recording of a pre-production demo to solidify the creative enhancements we’ve made together during pre-production for translation to the tracking process.

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You will work with John to achieve stunning sounds “on the way in.” It’s important to choose the right instruments, setup the right way, with the right amplifiers and effects, ideal microphones and mic placement, and outboard gear settings, all within acoustically tuned rooms, to achieve stunning sounds during your tracking sessions. If we all like how it sounds at the beginning, that makes sure the mix will be musical instead of being about fixing things we didn’t like about the sounds that were captured initially.

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Derek will work with your band to help coach the very best performances out of each band member throughout the tracking process. Tempo, arrangement, dynamics, emotion, and cohesion between parts are all focus points for Derek. He will guide the process through takes, occasionally focusing in on certain sections. He can help with melody, harmony, lyrical challenges, rhythm and timing issues, and the overall vibe of what’s achieved during your tracking sessions.

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Derek and his team of editors will go to work on the ideal post-production editing of your music. All takes will be comped into ideal final parts that work together to make the song shine. Once that’s done, any timing or tuning issues will be cleaned up and made “mix-ready” utilizing the industry’s most advanced techniques and software.

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John takes a hybrid approach to music mixing, seamlessly blending the warmth and depth of Edgewater’s premier Neve Centerpiece analog console and high-end analog outboard equipment with the power and precision of high-definition tools. A comprehensive automation process will also be employed to ensure the listener’s ears are focused on just the right element of the mix during each moment of the song.

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Finally, it’s time for mastering. This is where the final touches are applied to your finished mixes. Loudness, global EQ, compression, limiting, and stereo width are all accounted for in a mastering process performed by Edgewater engineers to prepare your music for listening across a broad range of different audio systems and platforms.

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