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Release Strategy

EMG Music Release Strategy

Are you an aspiring artist in need of professional guidance to navigate the music industry? With our years of experience and connections in the industry, we provide comprehensive services to help artists reach their full potential.

Our team of industry professionals can create a custom music release strategy to help artists like you:

Develop Your Brand

Grow Your Audience

Achieve Your Career Goals

Here's what we offer:

EMG will create a complete budget for your project. After meeting with you to discuss your specific position within the industry as well as your goals and objectives, we will utilize our experience releasing records to accurately forecast an ideal budget for your project. Budget items include both high-level overviews and details with regards to:

  • Music Production
  • Photography
  • Artwork
  • CD and Vinyl Manufacturing
  • Content Production
  • Digital Marketing & Advertising
  • Publicity
  • Radio Promotion
  • Sync Licensing
  • Merchandise Design & Manufacturing
  • Touring

We will present the ideal budget to you, and then based on funds available for your project, can help you triage your budget down to the most impactful steps possible given available funds.

Artists are often overwhelmed with the breadth of tasks facing them. You have to be a writer, performer, musician, tour manager, promoter, social media marketer, booking agent, publicist, photographer, and so on.

One thing many artists aren’t prepared for is to create a comprehensive strategy for how to get from where you are to where you want to be. EMG can help.

We design custom strategy documents, complete with detailed tactical recommendations, for artists who don’t yet have management to help them solve these challenges. Our strategies are simple, clear, and actionable – helping artists to properly order your activities and maximize your results.

Need help implementing strategies to further your career goals? We offer consulting services designed to help keep you on track, answer your questions, and keep your project moving in the right direction. Our Zoom or phone consultations can be scheduled hourly, weekly, or monthly and tailored to your specific needs as an artist.

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