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How Digital Placement Actually Works

So, you’ve got a hot new single and you’re ready to get it out to the masses! You get distribution setup, the release date comes and goes, and you’re not seeing the streaming numbers you wish you could be seeing. You need your song to get placed on an official Spotify playlist to get the spin count moving in the right direction, but it hasn’t happened yet. So what do you do?

‍EMG’s distribution agreement with The Orchard (a division of Sony Music Entertainment) is a good first step. The Orchard works very hard on behalf of EMG artists to get music placed in prominent places on iTunes, Spotify, etc. This has resulted in a number of songs by EMG artists continuing to get spins long after the album or work itself has released.

When you set up distribution with EMG, one of the forms that needs to be completed is a Spotify/Apple pitch form. On this form, the artist will note which playlists they’d like to be added to and discuss specific market drivers for the release including budget, touring, and promotion. The Orchard then uses this information to pitch the release to Apple and Spotify. The Orchard meets with both outlets about individual releases on a regular basis to try to get songs placed prominently in the digital domain.

What else can you do as an artist to get your song placed?

Like Apple and Spotify, all of these playlists out there are actually managed by people. And, while The Orchard can help get songs placed on proprietary playlists, you can actually do a lot of work on your own to get songs added to certain playlists as well.

How do you do this?

Identify a few playlists that have a solid number of followers with music similar to your own. On the application, you can see who the user was that created the playlist. Using social media, you can then look them up and reach out and see if your song can be added to their playlist. Do this enough and you’ll start seeing your spin count increase. There are also commercial services that can be utilized to help you reach playlist curators.

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