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Industry Shopping

EMG Industry Shopping

Forming strategic partnerships within the music industry can be a daunting task. Having a team representing you and your project to new potential partners can provide tremendous value to building the team you need to excel in this industry.

Industry shopping is hard; it's difficult to "shop" yourself.

While some professionals may be actively looking for new artists to work with, others (particularly in management, booking, labels, and publishers) you may find reluctant to take you on. This is where we come in. EMG industry shopping services can help you find:

Traditional Record Label

Artist Management

Booking Agency


Sync Licensing Rep

Radio Promotion



Industry Agreements

Here's just a few of the results EMG artists have achieved over the years working with us.

Reputation is everything.

Almost any artist will benefit from representation in searching for those team members: someone who can easily brag on you and your work and advocate to the most respected industry professionals that they should consider working with you!

Please Note: Not every artist is well-positioned for industry shopping to every type of potential partner. EMG will always use our discretion to determine which projects are appropriate for the various partners desired. If we determine your project is not ready to approach certain types of industry partners, we will work with you to develop your brand to position you for future success!

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