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EMG Artist Showcase: Rozy

We love the artists we’ve worked with over the years. Sometimes we like to take a minute to brag on them!

Rōzy is a wonderfully-talented rock-pop band from just outside our hometown of Houston, founded by two sisters: Singer/guitarist Zoe Flores and drummer Molly Flores.

The pair came to our studios (Edgewater Studios) back when they were still in middle and high school, working with an outside producer and just utilizing our space for their tracking sessions.

Years later, we reconnected with them and made a couple of singles together.

These singles helped cement a connection with a Los Angeles music promoter and manager Richard Ellis, and we began to collaborate with him and the band jointly. The push was to get the band onto the roster of legendary music manager Ron Stone and his company, Gold Mountain Entertainment.

The first objective was raising money to make a record. Utilizing EMG’s fundraising program, we worked with the band and put a credible budget together with which to work.

Next came production. We worked with the band on several original songs as well as the production of a cover of the famous Nirvana song “Come As You Are.” This led to one of the coolest moments of my career as a record producer.

After we were done producing the tracks in our studio and we were in the process of getting mixes sent out to the band and their team, I was at Sonic Ranch Recording Studios in West Texas working with a different artist on a record. I got an email back from Ron Stone (Nirvana’s former manager) about the cover of “Come As You Are” that we’d done together saying, “This turned out great. I love it!”

Sitting behind a quarter of a million dollar Neve console and getting word that Nirvana’s manager had heard a cover I’d produced of a Nirvana song and decided it was great? Big-time thrill for me!

Well, the band got the deal with Gold Mountain that they were after. And soon after that, Gold Mountain got the band a label deal with Megaforce Records. What a success!

Take a listen for yourself on SpotifyApple MusicAmazonYouTubeTidal.

Looking for a similar success story? We’d love to hear from you!

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